In the following article you will learn how to monitor the progress of each of your employees.

To view the details of each user, you can download a report by going to Reports >> General >> Users.

Once inside you will be able to filter your search as needed. The possibilities include:

  • General Search 

  • Name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Creation Date: 

  • Update Date

  • Username

  • Birthday

  • Address

You can also add new fields from User Icon >> My Company >> General >> Custom Fields >> Add New.

By clicking on View, you will access the information of the selected employee.

Summary: Tab showing a brief summary of the selected employee.  

  • Personal information: ID document or Rut, full name, email, other

  • Gamification metrics: Experience, level and medals 

  • Progress metrics: Attendance, completed courses, and training time 

  • Internal notes: Notes made by the account administrator 

Training: Tab that displays the details of all completed and pending training courses for a specific employee. 

  • Traffic light of key indicators: 

    • Not started: Percentage and details on how many courses you have started, compared to the total number of courses you should have started.

    • In progress: Percentage and detail on how many courses you have in progress (between 1% and 99%), compared to the total number of courses that you should complete. 

    • Completed: Percentage and details on how many courses you have completed, compared to the total number of courses you should accomplish.

  • Course history: Provides a detailed overview of all the courses that the employee has completed or needs to accomplish, based on their enrollment status. This includes:

    • Course name 

    • Course date 

    • Course dates and duration (in minutes) 

    • Percentage of attendance 

    • Grade: 

    • Mandatory (yes or no) 

    • Approval

    • Actions (a diploma download icon may appear) 

To download the training report for that employee or user, click on Quick Actions and then select the type of file you want to download.

Learning Programs: Tab that displays all the learning programs that the employee must complete and/or those in which they are enrolled. Additionally, each learning program displays the details of the courses it contains, including their mandatory status, progress, and approval. 

You can also review the learning program that the employee is currently taking by clicking on View.

Gamification: In this view you can see the levels that the user has been able to reach according to the use on the platform and the configured gamification. Three graphs will appear showing updated information on a weekly basis.

You can also see:

  • Gamification history: Dates and experience gained for each course will be displayed. 

  • Levels: You will be able to see if the user has leveled up.

  • Badges You will be able to see the Badges that the user has acquired.

Remember, if you need assistance or have any questions you can contact us through our chat or email. We are happy to help you!

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